A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Portugués: Lisbon - Porto - Santiago, by John Brierley

A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Portugués: Lisbon - Porto - Santiago, by John Brierley

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256 page paperback in full colour including:

  • Overview route planner
  • Daily stage maps including alternative routes
  • Daily contour guide
  • Town plans
  • Details of pilgrims hostels and alternative accommodation
  • Practical notes on preparation including equipment and clothing checklist with translations.
  • Historical notes and places of special interest

In addition to the practical route there are pointer to:

  • The mystical path with inspirational quotations and space for personal reflections
  • Self-assessment questionnaire to help you prepare for the inner journey

There are many paths to Santiago but none is more significant and soulful than the Camino Portugués and no other so intimately connected to the life and ministry of St James, as well as to his death and burial. It was along this route that Sant Iagofirst preached Christ’s message to the pagan populace and it was along this self-same way that his body made its last journey to Libredon that would, in time, come to be known and loved all over the world as Santiago de Compostela. While rooted in its pagan, Roman and Christian history the Camino Portugués is open to everyone from every religion or none.

Part of the magic of the Camino Portugués is the choice between multiple magnificent routes. The Camino Central, Camino da Costa, Variante Espiritual and Senda Litoral – all of which are featured in this comprehensive guide.

Here are a few sample pages: