To maximize the benefits of pilgrimage inner preparation becomes as important as practical planning. We travel 2 paths simultaneously and need to pay equal attention to both. When planning a holiday we thumb through travel brochures but a pilgrim is well served by perusing a larger canvas that includes reflecting on our inner life and the higher purpose behind our current incarnation.

The busy-ness of our lives, even those dedicated to service, spins us ever outwards – away from our centre. Pilgrimage on the other hand slows us down and opens us inwards to the Source. In one direction lies illusion, the other truth. Thank God I stumbled onto a pilgrim path. The route may still have its ups and downs but the overall direction is set, the way-marks clear and the destination assured. Will you join me along this Path of Enquiry towards our collective awakening? Perhaps we can support each other over the rocky places and experience the joy of companionship in the shared journey of discovery.

Whenever we ask a question there are always two answers and we need to choose between two voices. The ego answers for our lower self and is generally our default voice set to answer first and loudly. The other voice represents our higher Self and resonates with our soul and is connected to spiritual truth. This quiet small voice within is easily drowned out by the raucous ego. Pilgrimage offers us time and space, away from the incessant demands of the ego, so that we might listen to that deeper wellspring of wisdom that lies below the surface.

The ‘Self-Review’ has been included as an aid to this inner reflection. Print off a copy (if you don’t have a printer open the page on screen) and allow yourself quality time to answer the questions. Don’t let terminology get in the way. You will know when something resonates with clarity and truth.

Click here for the Self-Review questionnaire.