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Camino Portugués Maps: Lisbon - Porto - Santiago, by John Brierley

Camino Portugués Maps: Lisbon - Porto - Santiago, by John Brierley

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112 page paperback in full colour.

This condensed and ultra lightweight volume is perfect for those looking for a simple guide to the Camino Portugués. Featuring daily stage maps, town plans and details of accommodation from Lisbon via Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Including all four variations – Camino Central, Camino da Costa, Variante Espiritual and Sena Litoral. The book includes translations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

The maps show the location of all pilgrim hostels en route, the distances between villages, and points of interest, as well as contour guides and accommodation.

For additional information including planning and preparation, history and mythology, detailed directions and the mystical inner journey please see the full guide.

This book is also available in ebook format from your favourite ebook provider.

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