My Journal for the Camino de Santiago (created by Susan L. Thompson) is two books in onea daily journal and a book of daily inspirational quotes

As a daily journal, the book provides two pages for each day where you can record your daily pilgrimage on the Camino as well as collect duplicate sellos, and keep drawings, photographs and other momentos from the Camino. As a book of daily inspirational quotes and poems, words of famous writers and spiritual leaders track your pilgrimage from hearing the call and beginning the journey; to being present to the landscape, other pilgrims, and your awakenings, challenges and joys as you journey; to arriving at Santiago and understanding that arriving is followed by new beginnings. As the second edition of The Pilgrim Soul, new quotes have been added to this journal, the book sized to fit into your belly pack for easy use during the day, and the weight reduced.

As you author this journal, you are invited to open your heart; feel the spirit of those whose feet shaped the paths you walk; experience the communitas of fellow pilgrims; and welcome the life force of new cultures. What is your experience of leaving home; of being a wanderer in another's land; of sharing the Way with others; of risking all that you are for something that you are yet to become? What is that something greater in you that these pages can illuminate? May you delight in describing your days, discovering new perspectives, and finding a resting place for your pilgrim soul as you fill this journal of your days on the Camino.  Buen Camino to you!


  • 84 pages
  • Daily journal identifying the day of your pilgrimage and the location you started from and ended on that day
  • Daily, inspirational quotes and poems for the journey
  • Boxed areas for journaling, collecting duplicate sellos, sketching and entering photographs.
  • Fits in belly pack for easy portability (5” X 8”) and lightweight
  • Glossy cover