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"I completed my pilgrimage several months ago… [It] was a deeply transformative experience but I feel myself falling back into my old unconscious patterns… Any ideas how I might keep the insights I received alive?" —A pilgrim from Sydney, Australia...

John Brierley is always delighted to receive your questions, comments and suggestions. If he is not away walking a pilgrim route he will try and respond by return. Even on some of the more remote pilgrim routes internet cafes are beginning to appear and he will often combine a well earned cappuccino with checking on his message board! Please send him an email message.

These pilgrim routes are constantly changing. To keep these guides alive, relevant and up to date requires constant feedback from YOU so that pilgrims coming along after us can have the benefit of hindsight and forethought. All constructive feedback is gratefully received.

Please use the contact form below to send a message to John Brierley with your comments, feedback or update.