Camino Guides

Practical and Mystical Manuals for the Modern Day Pilgrim

Within the busyness of our secular lives we can awaken to the spiritual and find the meaning and relevance that is often absent in our chaotic world. And that is why these guides are subtitles A Practical and Mystical Manual for the Modern-day Pilgrim - that we might find a place to eat and sleep at the end of a long days hike but also, and crucially, that we might support each other to dive into the mysteries of our individual soul awakenings without which all journeying is, ultimately, purposeless.

There are many long distance footpaths but only the Camino Santiago has achieved World Heritage status on account of its historical and spiritual significance. Countless millions have walked this path over millennia in search of a new direction and a deeper meaning to their lives. Below are guidebooks and mapbooks to the 3 most popular routes - all of which are regularly updated.

Each guidebook is in full colour with:

Overview route planner

Daily stage maps with optional routes

• Contour guides with elevations

• List of all pilgrim hostels and alternative accommodation

• Town plans showing location of hostels and hotels

• Sun-compass to aid orientation

• Practical notes on preparation

• Equipment checklist

• Dictionary with basic pilgrim phrases (Francés only)

• Historical notes and places of special interest

In addition to the physical route there are pointers to:

• the Mystical path with Inspirational quotations and space for Personal reflections

Self-Review questionnaire to help prepare for the inner journey 

All this designed to fit easily into your pocket with the latest slimline guides measuring only 11.5cm x 19cm (4.5" x 7.5"). While the map books are even lighter they only contain the daily stage maps, contour guides and town plans.